Camp is a Lasting Gift.

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard the phrase during the holiday season, “Give the gift of camp” to your child or grandchild. I’m sure somewhere during the past 22 years I’ve recommended this to families and indeed children have been subsequently surprised and pleased with this choice!

If you really think about it though, camp is a lasting gift.  How many more toys, video games, dolls, or even clothes do our children really need?  As parents we are reliable in fulfilling our children’s basic needs and then some.  Why not now consider filling their more obscure, basic needs such as creativity, problem-solving, diversity, cooperation, respect . . . those human qualities that are being brought to the forefront of the news on a daily basis.

Camp is the perfect, safe place to experience untapped parts of themselves in a comforting, enveloping environment. They can share in self-discovery while learning new skills, pushing their comfort levels and discovering a new sense of confidence.  The effects of building positive outcomes create foundations for even more growth into the future, proving again that camp is a lasting gift!

So consider Pompositticut Farm Day Camp as that lasting gift! There are many options from which to choose depending on your child’s interests, abilities, and age.  Our newest program for 2018 FARMTASTIC, is yet another choice for children ages 6-12.  Read about this adventurous program right here on the camp website, that just might fit your budget and be the perfect gift for the holidays this season.  Discounts will be offered to those enrolling before the end of the year.   To register:

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