Here’s What Parents Think About PFDC!

With sign-ups in full swing for Summer, parents will be looking for reasons to send their children to a particular camp.  Whether its proximity, tuition, or activities offered, parents want the opinion of others to help make that final decision.  Over the 40 years of being in business, we are still finding that “word of mouth” seems to be the very best recommendation.

So here are a few “word of mouth” reviews you can read to help you make the decision to send your children to Pompositticut.

“You cannot find a better, well rounded day camp in the area. The kids experience horse riding lessons, arts & crafts, nature, theater dance & music, sports, archery, rocketry, Project SOAR (climbing, repelling, zip lining, etc.), swimming lessons & free swim and LOTS more. This is a family run camp with a significant number of repeat staff and campers. The 2-week sessions give the campers a chance to become comfortable and competent. Many campers attend multiple sessions and I believe this is because the staff truly enjoys their work and the campers. It is such an awesome place, if only I was young again….”                                                                             Amy Y. (Southboro, MA)

“Pompositticut is a wonderful camp for kids- incredible staff, impeccable facilities, kind and healthy horses and tons of activities for the campers.  I love their focus on nature, physical activities and teamwork.  This is the way kids should spend their summer days!”                      Alexandra D. (Lunenberg, MA)

“Such a fun and welcoming place for kids of all ages!  Horses, swimming, archery, zip-lining and much more in everyday activities!  The staff goes above and beyond to make sure your child has fun, feels safe and make memories that will last a lifetime!”                                                 Lauren H. (Marlborough, MA)

“If you want your children to learn life skills such as teamwork, equality, diversification, sound work ethics, challenge themselves in a safe environment and learn leadership philosophies and processes then you are at the right place for your kids. With firsthand knowledge of over 30 years of its operations I am honored to have a chance to write a review. My daughter attended camp as a 7-year-old in 1981 and continued attending and working there through college. In addition, her three kids have also participated at Pompositticut and would be still attending if not for moving out of the area. Following my retirement from Hi Tech in 2003 I worked at camp for several years as Director of Project SOAR, Safety Officer, Management Consultant and mentor to many of the staff. It was truly a marvelous experience. The camp owner and Director is hands on and constantly looking at methods for improvement in all areas. Highly recommended if you want the best growth opportunities for your children!”                                                                                                        Bob B. (Hudson, MA)

“Both my daughters have attended PFDC since they were in kindergarten…my oldest who is a 2nd year college student has continued her summers on the staff!  My youngest found her love of horses through “Heels Down” and Fall & Spring lessons and now has been riding for seven years.  PFDC takes great pride in providing a positive nurturing environment for its campers, exposing kids to many different activities and creating relationships that go beyond camp.”        Jennifer S. (Boxborough, MA)

“My two daughters (14 and 11) have been attending this wonderful camp since they were six years old.  They both started with the summer camp program, which offers a huge variety of activities from swimming (lessons and free swim), archery, sports to theater, dance and music, ropes courses, nature, sports, and horseback riding.  The well-trained staff has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and the kids loved coming home each night singing the various camp songs they learned each day.  After a few years in the camp program, both girls fell in love with horseback riding and began taking riding lessons throughout the year.  They have returned each summer for the specialized equestrian program “Heels Down” for 9-15 year-olds. Spending two weeks riding, learning new skills, including Western and English riding and more, plus care and management of horses has been life changing. Pompositticut is such an amazing camp experience for kids of all ages. Many campers go on to become camp assistants and counselors after years of watching the staff have so much fun at their jobs. Here’s to another great summer of fun!”                       Laura M. (Hudson, MA)

“If I could rate Pompositticut higher than 5 stars I would!  This is truly an amazing camp!!!  Having worked there many years ago, I know what goes into giving the kids a great camp experience.  Now as a parent I can tell you that PFDC goes above and beyond for the kids!  My kids have been going there for 5 consecutive summers.  My son started in barnyard buddies when he was 5 years old and now at 10 years old participates in the specialty camp program Soar More (the ropes course) which he loves.  My daughter started at 4 years old in barnyard buddies and now at 6 years old will continue with the regular day camp program which she also loves.  The activities are fun and engaging, the staff is knowledgeable in their activity and enthusiastic (many come back year after year), the setting is perfect (an old country horse farm) and has a nice “at home” feel.  Jackie the owner is always coming up with new and exciting ideas to keep the camp fresh for each new session.  She’s been doing this for many years.  I love that they are outside all day, no electronics allowed, they get Red Cross swimming lessons, and are around the farm animals daily.  They gain independence, leadership skills, and confidence with the activities offered.  The social aspect is also a huge bonus since they are grouped by age with all different personalities. My son already talks about working at camp as soon as he’s old enough because he loves it SO much!  Pompositticut Farm Day Camp truly is a special camp. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your kids!!!!”                                                                                   Kristen F. (Hudson, MA)

“I truly cannot say enough about this amazing camp!  Jackie and her entire staff have really created such a special place where every single child is nurtured.  My son has attended camp now for 5 summers – starting out in their barnyard buddies group for little kids, then regular day camp, and now adding on an extra session of one of the crazy fun specialty camps (Soar More climbing, etc.).  I love that he is outside all day long engaging in such a wide variety of activities such as horseback riding (at no extra cost!), theater/arts/music, nature & archery (another favorite!), sports – the list goes on and on!  I appreciate the fact that he gets a real Red Cross swim lesson every single day, but that he still gets extra fun time in the afternoon to free swim.  As a teacher, I also love that the entire staff makes an effort to make PFDC an inclusive and supportive environment where campers are taught to tolerate all others and to use appropriate conflict resolution skills to get along with all of their peers.  To this end, my son has gained a wide variety of friends that come back year after year to play together again.  He already has his sights set on moving up into one of the teen programs and one day becoming a staff member like all of those he currently idolizes!”    Alison C. (Marlboro, MA)

“We were fortunate to discover PFDC 11 years ago when my oldest son was 6 years old. We walked the farm and were very pleased with the quality of the programs that were offered and the flexibility in the schedule. All three of my children have attended PFDC for the past 11 years.  You will not find a better outdoor camp that will expose your children to dance & music, archery, nature, American Red Cross swimming lessons and of course the opportunity to work with some beautiful and well-trained horses.  Jackie Kane has continued to evolve the camp to include different specialty theme weeks and a zip line.       Elizabeth Y. (Marlboro, MA)

“Pompositticut Farm Day Camp was such a fun camp for all 3 of my children.  My 4-year-old, who wouldn’t leave mom’s side to go to preschool, jumped out of the car each day to go to camp!  My 8 and 10-year-old loved their time at camp too.  This camp is wonderful for all ages and all different types of kids! They have art, acting, swimming, horses and so much more! Their staff is mature and wonderful and so accommodating! It is truly run perfectly! Each year they ask to go back to Pompositticut!  Thanks for such great memories for my kids!”            Jim R. (North Grafton, MA)

Representative Kate Hogan visits Pompositticut Farm

For those of you who were able to attend our fun Open House event on Dec. 2, you probably noticed just how many happy faces were around. It was quite an eventful day with both past and current families in attendance.  Maybe some of you even noticed a very special guest who made a purposeful visit to Pompositticut Farm that day.

(left) Rep. Kate Hogan, (right) Owner, Jackie Kane

As you can see from the photo, State Representative Kate Hogan, stopped by to congratulate owner Jackie Kane, for being the recipient of the Massachusetts Horse Farm of Distinction award.  Presented to a select few farms in MA, MFBF President, Edward Davidian, called these farms “the cream of the crop” and added, the “Horse Farm of Distinction present(s) to the public those horse farms and stables which set high standards and achieve a level of excellence in overall horse health, farm management and compliance with public safety.”

Scoring for overall horse health represents half of the points with farm management areas rounding out the remaining areas to be reviewed. Judges evaluate neatness, ventilation, cleanliness and safety of buildings, land and equipment.  Safety and first aid as well as indoor and outdoor care for the horses are considered along with compliance with state operating and instructing licenses.  It is noteworthy that not all farms who apply receive this prestigious designation.

Thank you Kate for taking the time to acknowledge the effort it takes in maintaining a farm of this quality and for sharing in our Open House event.

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Camp is a Lasting Gift.

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard the phrase during the holiday season, “Give the gift of camp” to your child or grandchild. I’m sure somewhere during the past 22 years I’ve recommended this to families and indeed children have been subsequently surprised and pleased with this choice!

If you really think about it though, camp is a lasting gift.  How many more toys, video games, dolls, or even clothes do our children really need?  As parents we are reliable in fulfilling our children’s basic needs and then some.  Why not now consider filling their more obscure, basic needs such as creativity, problem-solving, diversity, cooperation, respect . . . those human qualities that are being brought to the forefront of the news on a daily basis.

Camp is the perfect, safe place to experience untapped parts of themselves in a comforting, enveloping environment. They can share in self-discovery while learning new skills, pushing their comfort levels and discovering a new sense of confidence.  The effects of building positive outcomes create foundations for even more growth into the future, proving again that camp is a lasting gift!

So consider Pompositticut Farm Day Camp as that lasting gift! There are many options from which to choose depending on your child’s interests, abilities, and age.  Our newest program for 2018 FARMTASTIC, is yet another choice for children ages 6-12.  Read about this adventurous program right here on the camp website, that just might fit your budget and be the perfect gift for the holidays this season.  Discounts will be offered to those enrolling before the end of the year.   To register:

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