A Great, Affordable Camp Option
$595 per week, One-week Option Available

PFDC’S Program with Custom Designed Fun.

Ages 6-12 (Grades 1-7) Children must have completed 1st grade by June 30

Now offering one-week sessions in any combination!

Each week of Farmtastic! has different projects and activities carefully designed by the Farmtastic! Coordinator. The list below is a sampling the daily activities. Everyday is Different. Every week is Different.


Your children will unplug from the world and ENJOY being with fellow campers during these flexible, fun days of adventure. This is a separate program from our Traditional Day Camp but still under the supervision of a program coordinator. Swimming is the only guaranteed activity of this program. Although daily horseback riding and project soar are not included, campers will experience a full day of specific activities designed to be entertaining, inventive, & out of the norm! There are no time limitations set in experiencing Farmtastic's activities, (except when it's time to go home). So let the unsurpassed creativity happen!

Not only is this our LOWEST priced program with great versatility but Farmtastic offers 1-WEEK options. Mix and match weeks in any combination that best fits your family's summer schedule!

Examples of just some of these programming ideas are:

  • Engage in the ultimate water balloon challenge in our newest 3-D course
  • Cook lunch over an open camp fire. . . s’mores for dessert?
  • Experience Animal Care on a farm
  • Shoot Flu Flu arrows at surprise targets in the woods
  • Plant, tend to and eat veggies from the Nature Garden- create your own recipes
  • Make your own GIANT bubble mixture and wands
  • POOL time both in the morning & afternoon during those HOT summer days- Water Cannons anyone?
  • Hike and investigate new farm trails
  • Rock climb for real to areas not used by the traditional day camp
  • Learn about photography- portraits, nature shots, action shots & more
  • Explore the camp’s various waterways & discover creatures found in vernal pools.

Your child’s day could be Farmtastic!