Parent Info

Important Information About Summer Camp

The camp office is located in the red horse barn, next to the yellow farmhouse at Pompositticut farm. The office in not open for in person business during the off season. Phone and email is the best communication. The office number is 978-562-0968 and is the best email.

Our camp office will resume office hours in the Spring. Important documents or payments may be dropped-off in the Lockbox located to the left of the office door, or mailed to the camp address.

Additional numbers for emergency communication will be provided once you are registered. Email is also an excellent source of communication and is checked throughout the day:

It is Pompositticut Farm Day Camp’s policy that a custodial guardian/parent MUST check-in all campers to his or her first day of camp. Special arrangements can be made with the office but no sooner than 48 hours prior to the commencement of the camper’s first session.

No child will be allowed to commence his/her session without a proper check-in!

Thank you for Registering for Camp.

Once your enrollment is confirmed you will need to complete the required camper forms. Here is a convenient link to help you get to the forms in your CampInTouch account.

Please call or email the office for assistance as needed.
Camp office 978-562-0968
Founder and emergency communication 978-875-0602
Camp Director 978-790-6197 (April 1-Sept 1)
Equestrian Programs Director 978-760-4740


Registration Policy
A non-refundable deposit per child, per session and administrative fee are required with your registration that is credited towards the total tuition. Once your child is registered this fee is not transferable between sessions, siblings or programs and a written notice of cancellation is required. No refund will be made for absence or withdrawal. Additional payments are due Feb. 1st and March 15th with the final payment due in full May 1st. No camper may begin his/her session until this tuition is paid in full including any finance charges, which apply to all late payments.
Camp Hours
Camp begins promptly at 8:45am. Morning Care (Early Birds) may begin drop-off at 7:30am.  No other drop-offs are allowed prior to 8:30am. Pick-up is promptly at 3:15pm with a 15 min. grace period. All children not picked up by this deadline will automatically be sent to Afternoon Fun Club where additional fees apply.
Early Birds & Fun Club (Morning & Afternoon Extended Care)
PFDC offers both Morning (Early Birds) and Afternoon (Fun Club) extended care for campers and teens participating in all programs. Drop-offs for Morning Early Birds begin at 7:30am and is at the Main Barn in the circular drive in front of the farmhouse. Afternoon Fun Club begins at 3:15pm at the pool, Pick-up at your convenience until 5:45pm. Any Children not picked up by 6pm will be charged a 25.00 Late Fee. Our staff works a long day, and we hope that our pick-up time is respected by ALL. Both AM and PM Care is provided with pre-registration only. Pre-registration is required to ensure proper staff to Camper ratios at the Pool. Last Minute/Same Day Registration may be permitted please call the office by 12:00pm to receive confirmation. Click here for registration form.
Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop-off starts at 8:30 am. There is a specific parking procedure designed for the safety of our campers, as well as provides parents the opportunity to briefly chat with the color group supervisor about any needs for your child’s day at camp. When you enter the white gates off Lewis Street immediate turn right into the parking field. You will proceed to your campers color line. You will be notified the Friday prior to commencing your child’s session of which color line to be in. Thank you for driving slowly and following the camp staff’s instructions.

Afternoon pick-up is at 3:15. We ask all pick ups to be in the parking field by 3:15. the campers are released promptly at 3:15 to the cars and our exit procedure is approximately 15 Minutes from beginning to end. Please plan accordingly as there is no way to “jump” the line. With cooperation and patience you should be on your way within 15 Minutes.

Absent - Late Arrival - Early Departure
If your child will not be at camp during the normal camp hours (8:30 am – 3:15pm) we ask you to email the office ( as early as possible to inform us of your child’s schedule and if there is a medical situation.
Campers need to pack a hearty, nutritious lunch for an energetic day and an additional snack if they are staying for extended care. All lunches are refrigerated regardless of the contents you provide for your child and should be packed in brown paper bags or plastic ziplock bags with his/her name clearly marked on the outside. Juices and flavored waters may be purchased here for your convenience. We provide no food service.
Daily Packing Checklist for Day Campers

Nutritious Lunch  Pack foods you know your child will eat and enjoy to help sustain them through a busy day of activities.  Please pack an additional snack if staying for Fun Club and remind your child to bring home any leftovers.

Water Bottle  A sturdy, refillable water bottle that can withstand repeated handling and dropping.

Bathing Suit & Beach Towel– All campers wear their suits to camp; this avoids changing delays.  Most boys wear their suits as their shorts.  Remember a beach towel with the camper’s name clearly marked on it.

Sunscreen/Tick Spray & Baseball Cap– We ask you apply sunscreen/tick repellent to your child each morning prior to arrival and send a bottle of both in their backpack to reapply especially after swimming.  A hat/visor also helps to filter the sun and keeps them cool throughout the day.

FootwearNo Sandals or Crocs allowed.  Closed toe footwear such as sneakers with socks is required for all activities.  For Riding and Project Soar the gold colored work boots, such as Timberlands, that are ankle high and have a “square” heel are best.

Long Pants– Jeans are required for both Horseback Riding and Project Soar.  Many children leave them in their cubbies for the duration of their session.

Swim goggles, swim cap, earplugs, artificial swim devicesonly if your child needs or wants them. Camp does not provide these items; nor is sharing allowed.

SweatshirtThis is often needed after swimming or in the early morning hours, even on very hot days.

Rain Gear– Camp continues rain or shine.  On days when rain is forecasted, it is best to pack at least a rain jacket/rain boots and extra socks.  We try to keep everyone as dry as possible, but it is often difficult if they do not have a jacket or suitable clothing.

Any medication must be given to the Health Administrator upon arrival to camp on the first morning and thereafter to the nurse or administrative team at morning drop-off. This must be in the original bottle with the doctor’s name, dosage and medication name clearly marked. No medication may be placed with your child’s lunch. PFDC’s administrative staff will comply with your schedule and needs to best serve the health and safety of your child. In addition to the required standard medical form, you must file a Request to Administer Medications Form, in order for the health care provider to administer any medication (either over-the-counter or prescription).
Discipline Procedures
It is a requirement of the State that all parents be informed of our disciplinary procedures. All campers enrolled at Pompositticut are expected to be courteous and respectful of others while on the premises. If inappropriate behavior or language continues after the camper has been spoken with, by any of our staff hierarchy and given suitable means of behaving, a phone call will be made to one of the parents/guardians. Because each family exercises separate ideas and practices on discipline, we feel it is in both the child’s and our best interests to discuss an issue directly with the parent. Therefore we avoid using e-mail for this type of communication. Discussion of camper problems, regardless of their nature, will be directed only to the Administration.
Camper Grouping Requests
You may request groupings of friends upon enrollment. Please note, our camper groups are determined by age, grade and swimming levels. We will review and accommodate your request to the best of our ability when assembling camper groups. Although your child may request to be grouped with another camper, please make sure the request is mutual, to avoid any surprises, disappointments and/or problems that may occur once the groupings are assigned. Also note, by requesting a specific pairing, your child may not be placed with campers his/her age or grade.
Camp Is Never Cancelled
During past summers we have had several severe thunderstorms. Our staff still continues with activities in closed facilities despite the weather, but camper safety and comfort are our major concerns. We realize many of you work and need your children to stay until the release time, but please know we support and encourage early pick-ups especially for children with extreme fears.
PFDC encourages parents to view the camp during the summer months when the camp is in session. We feel you can better understand the atmosphere of PFDC by being here with all the campers and see first-hand how they interact with the staff and how much fun they’re having at the activities. Most people are amazed at the number of children who are here, as they can hardly be seen or heard, thanks to the expanse of the grounds!! We can also schedule tours during the off-season. However, we ask you to realize (and to tell your children) that most of the activities are dismantle and that the camp buildings are storing camp and farm equipment. Any tours must be arranged through the office by appointment; Call: 978-562-0968 or email us at
Parental Rights
All parents have the right to request information or copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances. If you require any of this information please contact the camp office or talk to management personal.
Important Camp Policies
NO CELL PHONE POLICY. PFDC adheres to a strict NO Cell Phone Policy at camp that applies to all Campers, Jr. Leaders, Jr. Wranglers and Staff alike during camp hours.  This includes no cell phones in backpacks and/or cubbies during the day.  In extreme circumstances, cell phones should be left in the camp office.  Otherwise, all communication should go thru the camp office.

DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY. PFDC, Inc. has adopted a Standard of Conduct that formally states substance abuse will not be tolerated. The prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the irresponsible use of alcohol and the possession, manufacture, use, transport, sale or attempt to sell legal or illegal drugs either during or after camp hours.

Anyone including Campers, Jr. Leaders, Jr. Wranglers and Staff involved in PFDC activities found to be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, or who violate the policy in other ways, are subject to disciplinary action and termination. Because of the serious nature of the violation, each case will be individually and thoroughly investigated to determine the appropriate course of action.

Under no circumstances will drinking alcohol be condoned or allowed by minors (under 21 years of age) according to the laws set forth by the State of Massachusetts and the United States, either on or off the PFDC property.

WEAPONS:  All persons involved with PFDC are strictly prohibited from bringing firearms, explosive devices (including fireworks) or other weapons onto the camp’s property.  Violators will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal with no refund.  Knives are allowed only for instructional purposes and program use with pre-approval necessary by the camp Director.

PERSONAL PROPERTY:  PFDC Inc. discourages the use of personal property for camp use, i.e. sports equipment, pets, etc. and will not be responsible for personal items or valuables that are damaged, lost, or stolen while at camp.

Closing Ceremony
Traditional Day Camp and Equestrian Programs celebrate the close of each session, Traditional Day Camp groups practice their specialized routine during their time at camp. We welcome all families and friends to come spectate. You will receive an email during your session with instructions and specific performance times. Please plan for 1:45-2:30 time block as campers will be dismissed following their performance. The Equestrian Program’s display the progression of their new skills gained during their time at camp via video that is directly emailed to parents.