Specialty Programs

  • Dreamcatchers  (Ages 8-16)
  • Soar More  (Ages 10-16)
  • NEW for 2019!  EXTREME FUN!  (Ages 9-12)


DREAMCATCHERS was created to welcome children with a variety of personal challenges and disabilities to engage in camp activities alongside their peers. This specialized program is directed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst / MA Licensed Teacher, Liz Alberts and the following are its goals:
➢ To integrate camp related skills into a fun, learning environment where Dreamcatchers can experience successful outcomes and a growth in life skills.
➢ Campers are supervised by our professional director on an individual basis as to their specific abilities and objectives.
➢ Dreamcatchers participate in all of the camp activities to provide diverse encounters these campers may not have experienced with the aim of expanding their horizons.
➢ Structured days assist in focusing on skill acquisition, capitalizing on social opportunities and tons of enjoyment!

With personal and professional guidance each Dreamcatcher is able to set goals and accomplish them within this 2-week time frame. Skills are built upon with positive reinforcement, individual encouragement and a non-competitive atmosphere of trust.

Soar More (Ages 10-16)

It is the intent of Soar More to encourage innovative style and confidence in its participants, while keeping a positive attitude and maintaining support and friendship in one another. Campers will trust not only in their skills at Soar More, but also in their ability to quickly assess a challenge and always lead by example. Developing innate skills with people is a determining factor in the teamwork and cohesiveness required at Soar More.

Campers spend the day challenging themselves in group and individual initiatives. Beginning with ground elements, campers learn about each other to build upon relationships, trust and support before tackling the next set of obstacles.

Soar More campers not only participate in low and high elements but approach the climb in various ways, learning to belay, self-belay and ascend. It’s the type of belay that will make this course a different experience than that which they have already attempted. The challenge will be to figure out new ways to successfully tackle those elements they thought they knew. It’ll be a mystery each participant will want to solve!

High Elements Available Include:

Flying Squirrel
Burma Bridge
Cargo Net
Rope Ladder
Tubular Cargo Net
Climbing Wall
Rope Climb
Multi Vine
Islands in the Sky
Banana's Bridge
The Circuit
875ft Zip Line

Mountain Biking

What do you do with a child who just can’t get enough excitement in his/her day and has the energy to sustain a day of participating in Extremely Fun, adventurous activities From Mountain Biking to Zorb Balls, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Running, Climbing Trees, and Zip Lining, these are some examples of the fast-paced, stimulating curriculum that will be incorporated into this newest program Extreme Fun! Included in this invigorating program is daily swimming to cool off and relax those tired muscles.

The daily and weekly schedule is flexible and based on weather conditions, group interests and camp schedules. The instructors of this activity know firsthand how exciting it is to participate in these types of activities as they grew up personally experiencing them. They’ll redirect your child’s adrenaline into high-energy challenges by pushing the limits with calculated risks in safe and controlled environments. With the proper safety equipment and appropriately taught skills, Extreme Fun exposes participants to new, adventurous challenges while developing their confidence that will compliment any passion they may want to pursue.

NOTE: The all-inclusive tuition includes equipment for these activities with the exception of a mountain bike and bike helmet. We encourage participants to bring their own bikes, helmets, gloves and any other personal riding gear for proper fit and comfort. Secure storage will be provided on camp property. All other climbing and extreme activity equipment will be supplied by the camp for participants use.