Why Every Child Should Go To Camp

There are many reasons why all children should experience summer camp in their lifetime. Camp provides children the chance to meet new people, try new things, lean new skills, challenge themselves, have a change of pace from daily life and of course have FUN!

Camp is a safe place where children come and meet new friends who may not be in their neighborhood or school circle. They can interact with children from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. This allows them to expand their world view through new friends and look forward to coming back each year to reconnect with their camp friends, some of whom will become lifelong relationships.

Summer camp is always a fun and exciting environment where hard working staff provides new activities and games that children might not have a chance to experience in their daily lives. Children could discover they love archery, acting, dancing, horseback riding, or even participating in a ropes challenge course. Along with discovering and trying these new activities they may also learn new skills along the way. These activities and the camp environment foster skills such as independence, cooperation, compromise, and working as a team to only name a few. These are invaluable skills that not only help your child with camp life but throughout their entire life.

Camp life and activities also provide a place where children can challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Here there are many activities such as swimming, horseback riding, and ropes challenge course where children build upon their skills and can push themselves without a competitive atmosphere.

These days so much of children’s lives revolve around technology and computers. Camp provides a completely different environment where children are unplugged from the tech world and can enjoy friends, nature, and physical activity. This change of pace from a child’s daily routine allows them to relax and have fun along with stretching their legs and enjoying the many great things the outdoors provides.

Best of all Summer camp is a place for children to have fun. They can let loose and be themselves without the worry of being judged by peers or confined by a particular stereotype. Each summer as camp staff, we look forward to having fun as well and seeing the smiling faces and excited laughter of the children arriving to camp to have another great summer. Click Here to refer a friend to PFDC so they can experience the joys of camp.