Max Sharin

Project Soar Instructor / Lifeguard

Beginning as a 4 year old camper this deep voiced young man was always serious and determined to do his best when it came to activities here at camp. Max was intent on listening to staff and showing his eagerness to not only learn a skill, but master it!  Now enthroned as both a Project Soar instructor and an occasional lifeguard, Max has taken his determination one step further in becoming a licensed EMT.  Where safety of the campers at both the challenge course and at the pool are paramount, Max confidently leads staff with sound decisions and knowledge in his activity.   As the ultimate staff member, he is always willing to pitch in to go beyond what is expected of his position and therefore securing the respect of his peers.

It is these qualities and dedication to camp that earned Max the distinction of the 2018 Pompositticut Spirit Recognition.  Well deserved. . . Congratulations Max!