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Liz Barberio Headshot

Liz Barberio

Camp Director

Liz joined PFDC management team in 2019 and has worked her way to become the Camp Director. In long time association with PFDC she was once a camper for a few summers, sometimes getting flashbacks of nature projects or project soar trust building activities. Liz graduated from University of New Hampshire with a B.S. Recreation Management Degree. Spending her winters in Utah ski instructing, she teaches a variety of populations from young children to adults with disabilities. Her years of summer camp experience, working with different populations Liz is a natural born leader. Her growth at PFDC has been able to create a positive work environment and become a supportive supervisor. Liz is a team player and will stop at nothing to make sure our campers and staff members are able to succeed in our nurturing environment here at the farm.