Georgia Thornton

Heels Down Coordinator

The moment Georgia arrived for summer 2016 she displayed top notch equestrian and instructional skills.   It quickly became evident her sound equine knowledge and team player approach in all she performed would lead her to become a Heels Down instructor for 2016.

In addition to being an instructor last summer, Georgia was an instrumental part in traveling to VA to acquire the camp’s special vaulting horse Tater Tot, aka “TT”! This gentle giant TT will be part of the Heels Down program for another summer of vaulting fun and we have Georgia to partially thank for this!

It was an easy decision that she would assume the role of Head Coordinator for Heels Down when Georgia confirmed she would return for Summer 2017. With a high rate of returning campers to this program she will continue where she left off with her talented riders and work on increasing and fine-tuning their skills even more.

Coupled with her numerous skills, Georgia is a business major at university. Despite being offered an amazing job proposal for this summer, she chose to return for one more year of inspired teaching and making friends here at PFDC! We think we are all fortunate she made this decision to be part of our dynamic summer staff for 2017.