Gia Barss

Riding Director

It’s always a pleasant surprise when small blessings are sent your way! That’s exactly what happened when Gia walked through our door. Her degree in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine along with her love of animals and having worked in the corporate world, checked all the boxes we could hope for in a Riding Director.

Gia is no stranger to the importance of accurate records and documents as well as working with a variety of people. She says her true love though is being with and caring for animals and in particular, horses.   Gia dedicated the past year to caring for animals at the MSPCA’s headquarters in Methuen where her responsibilities there involved the overall management of the farm. This included overseeing all medical and health related issues and the documentation associated with State and local boards for all the rescued animals in the State’s care. Prior to this position, Gia was a Equine Veterinary Technician where she maintained the office and stable as well as assisting in medical treatment of the horses.

All our riding staff are fortunate to have a mature, experienced, professional director and MA licensed instructor who will lead by example of hard work and dedication and offer personal experience as a foundation of their skills at camp.