Emily O’Brien, “Holly” Hollingsworth, Jason Charbonneau


  • 7(right) Emily O’Brien- When it comes to Emily, “longevity” is her middle name! For 16 years we have watched this dynamic leader smile her way into everyone’s hearts. Although she progressed her way into the Project Soar/Soar More directorship, she could have easily led any number of activities. Indeed, at times she eagerly filled in at Theatre-Dance-Music as well as Nature and joyously performed at countless closing ceremony as our energetic “Cookie Monster DJ”! Her enthusiasm and “joie de vivre” cannot be duplicated.
  • (center) “Holly” Hollingsworth- Although her legal name is Emily, this UK native “Holly”,  took on not only a new name but a new persona while at camp. Quiet and introverted when hired, Holly quickly bonded with her fellow staff, broadening her personality and was a favorite among campers as well. Her confident encouragement endeared her to climbers while at Project Soar. Holly is the type of staff who bonds with people on an emotional level, making her someone you can easily trust.
  • Jason Charbonneau- Yet another lifelong camper, Jason has spent 10 years honing his skills here at PFDC. With his strong, direct and confident approach to all he attempts, this Navy Seal recruit is an exemplary example of living life to the fullest.  He brings to Project Soar exactly the attitude and behavior that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!