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Looking to try something new this summer?

Check out our Jr. Leader and our Jr. Wrangler leadership opportunities for summer. Our programs are designed for ages 13-15, opening new doors for future employment, new skills and summer fun. Just to add in the past this program has counted towards volunteer hours.

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!! Staff Social Media Takeover !! Jules, jack of many trades at the farm, new to Juliana this summer she became a group supervisor and did incredible
"I have many fond memories both as a former camper and as a staff member. There is always so much kindness, acceptance, warmth, and fun, that`s shared among campers and staff. This, to me, is what makes a camp so special.
Campers and staff alike able to make and experience moments that form memories we can look back on and smile; just like this photo does for me."

!! Staff Social Media Takeover !!

Cam, our fantastic group supervisor, “Green group was an an adventurous bunch! The group found friendships among each other, they created a community within camp. Some of my favorite memories were during rainy days. One particular memory I have with one camper was despite his initial hesitance of one of the project soar elements, he would ask me to stay behind and watch him, giving him the confidence to complete the activity, I, myself was so happy that I was able to build a good relationship with this camper and that enough trust was formed for him to build confidence at camp!.“

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!! Staff Social Media Takeover!!

Hi! My name is Catie, and I’m a swim instructor at Pompositticut!
To me, camp is special because of all of the close relationships and traditions that the campers form with each other and with our staff.
I remember when I was a camper, it was so special to me that every staff member remembered my name, made an effort to get to know me, and was a friend. It’s a tradition that’s been consistent every summer I’ve spent at camp, and it’s one that I love to help continue every year. Camp, to me, means being somewhere that’s fun and welcoming for everybody. I love watching campers come out of their shell and blossom every session, and those are always my fondest memories from the summer.

!! Staff Social Media Take Over !!

From Landon, an incredible Group Supervisor, highlighting the connections he was able to make within the staff community!

“One of my favorite memories this summer was the staff dinner. It was the day that I could give my staff paper plate award, the “Minney award” to Molly and she was extremely happy. “

Look at those smiles! For those who have not heard of the paper plate award it is a great way to get the team together, have them be creative and show appreciation to another.