Max Sharin, Shannan Maley, Margaret Iaccarino


  • (top left) Max Sharin 13 years and counting is how long we have known Max. From a young camper to this deep voiced young man, Max was always serious and determined when it came to activities here at camp. Now enthroned as both a lifeguard and Project Soar instructor, Max has taken his determination one step further in becoming the ultimate staff member, always willing to pitch in and go beyond what is expected of his position.
  • (bottom left) Shannan Maley– As a young girl Shannan declared she would one day work at camp. That was 13 years ago and it is now obvious she has been studying from the best all those years. Like her predecessors, Shannan is a kind, thoughtful and cheerful person who enjoys teaching children. She is confident is her skills but never lacks for better understanding and more knowledge when it comes to her job. This sharp young lady is a leader in the making.
  • (bottom right) Margaret Iaccarino- The third Iaccarino young lady to be the camp’s swim director, Margaret is an outstanding leader, with a quiet authority that precedes her gentle demeanor. Like her sisters, she has been a fixture of the camp for the past 15 years and is steadfast in assuming her role of overseeing this busy, interactive swim program. Never one afraid to take on a task herself, Margaret leads by example, is conscientious and commands respect because of the results she produces. Her talents and modesty are both far larger than she realizes.